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· 纳米氧化锌在人体皮肤应用和商业制备上的研究
· 又一次推出新产品,专门用在水性漆里面的磷酸锌ZPG-S上市咯
· 关于磷酸锌防锈颜料的应用实例
· 磷酸锌的发展及应用
· 新品研发~改性磷酸锌zpa-2
· 公司研发新产品---改性磷酸锌ZPA-2
Jinqiao to provide customers with a variety of pure zinc phosphate series products, welcome letter calls Advisory.
办公大楼Our company “Zhuzhou Jinqiao Zinc Industrial Co., Ltd. " was established in 2005. It is located in Zhuzhou city, southern China's largest railway hub. Has many years experience ...

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